Foodies Lounge

The Foodies Lounge is the place to be if you want to learn new things about food and drink, and try some tasty samples!

Throughout the weekend, there will be a series of foodie talks in our Foodies Lounge, where you can, hopefully, learn some new things about food and drink.

They will led by local food heroes and are meant to be both informative and fun. There will also be some free samples!

The speakers in 2017 are:

Alaric Neville, Phipps NBC

Northampton born and bred, Alaric saved the town’s brewing heritage by salvaging the names of Phipps and NBC from the corporate graveyard. Now installed in the old Albion Brewery in Kingswell Street, Alaric and his brewing team are bringing some of Phipps’ most iconic beers back to life.

A font of knowledge, he will be Talking Brewing - telling the story of 200 years brewing in Northampton from one small steam powered brewery to today's mammoth Carlsberg lager plant and three independents, with samples of rived, historic ales.

Phipps NBC

Anita Chipalkatty, Hobby Cooks Cookery School in Northampton

Anita runs Hobby Cooks Cookery School in Northampton and is an expert in Indian cooking. She wants to inspire people to cook from scratch, giving them the skills to create great-tasting, healthy food.

As well as speaking in the Foodies Lounge, Anita is running cookery workshops at the festival. See here. Anita will be Talking Spices – offering an insight into taste, flavour and technique in creating your own spice blends, pastes and marinades.

Bob Price, Chillibobs

Bob Price is an expert on chilli. He grows 10,000 chilli plants a year, encompassing 45 varieties, on a farm near Newark in Nottinghamshire. He and son Neal have been selling chilli plants, pods and home-made chutneys and sauces for five years. They sell to the public, sauce manufacturers and use the home-grown chillies in their products. Bob will be Talking Chilli - cooking with them for flavour rather than heat.

Gary Bradshaw, maker of Cobblers Nibble cheese

Gary turned his back on life as a deskbound Mac operator to launch Hamm Tun Fine Foods, the only cheese maker in Northampton. His first cheese - Cobblers Nibble cheese – quickly became a local legend and has gone on to win a string of awards. It is a hard English cheese made traditionally by hand with milk from a Northamptonshire Fresian herd.

He also makes a soft cheese - Cobblers Nibble Gold, made from pasteurised cows’ milk and washed in Guilsborough Gold beer from Nobby’s brewery in Guilsborough - and a Northamptonshire blue. Gary will be Talking Cheese, and providing some free samples.


Laurence Conisbee, Wharf Distillery

Drinks entrepreneur Laurence began distilling in 2011 – the same year his flagship cider became a CAMRA Champion cider. He started off – naturally – with apple brandy but his still now produces a full pantechnicon of spirits - rum, whisky, even beetroot vodka.

Laurence recently took over Wakefield Estate farm shop in Potterspury where he sells his fine liquor along with a host of other goodies. He is turning the shop into a must for foodies with tastings and pop-up dining events. Laurence will be Talking Spirits, revealing the tricks of the distillers’ trade and his penchant for using unusual ingredients to make hooch.

Nenette Scrivener, Nenette’s Chocolates

Nenette is an artisan chocolatier who trained with some of the biggest names in chocolate including award-winning Swiss chocolatier Carlo Melchior whose chocolates you will find in Fortnam and Masons.

She has been making her own chocolate for ten years and combines her tempered chocolate with fresh, seasonal ingredients to create delicious chocolates and truffles, bars and shapes. Nenette is based just over the county border in a village in South Leicestershire. She will be Talking Chocolate

Warner Edwards

Warner Edwards are a multi award-winning artisan gin distillery based in Harrington. They will take you on a journey into the world of gin, it’s history and explain the different methods that make one gin so different from another.

There will be a chance to try some free samples from the Warner Edwards range, which includes their Harrington Dry, Harrington Sloe, Elderflower Infused and Victoria’s Rhubarb gin, and their new Honeybee gin. See page XX for more details.

Timings are as follows:



11am Gary Bradshaw – Talking Cheese

11.45am Nenette Scrivener – How to temper chocolate

12.30pm Warner Edwards – Gin tastings

1.15pm Anita Chipalkatty – Talking Spices

2pm Alaric Neville – Talking Brewing

2.45pm Bob Price – Talking Chilli

3.30pm Warner Edwards – Gin tastings


11am Gary Bradshaw – Talking Cheese

11.45am Bob Price – Talking Chilli

12.30pm Warner Edwards – Gin tastings

1.15pm Anita Chipalkatty – Talking Spices

2pm Alaric Neville – Talking Brewing

2.45pm Laurence Conisbee – Talking Spirits

3.30pm Warner Edwards – Gin tastings

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